My photographs here shows appreciation and gratitude towards ephemeral situations. Beauty is surrounding us. A light falling in a certain way; a moment of fleeting love, a composition, a glint in one's eye. The importance is seeing, capturing and implementing a consistant body of work. La Belle Lucie is a patience game. All photographs/copyright Lian Hong.

at Bob’s last week, I slipped back thirty years with an unexpected visit to Bob’s Cooke’s late mother’s flat situated just above the quintessential F.Cooke’s Pie and Mash shop.

The rooms in the flat were like time capsules immersing me into a form of theatre.  Although in much need of repair, there are holes in the ceiling - the uneven floors, low ceilings, dusty swirly carpets, psychedelic wallpaper, paint peeling off the ceiling, furnishings and electrical appliances from the era, allowed me to visualize and imagine yester-year. 

I was back to reality when I found myself on the outside doorstep of the Pie and Mash shop afterward, thrust back into the cold, damp streets of 21st century London. 

The flat is not a museum but a private home and is available for hire for photographic and film shoots.


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